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[R] Add a sleep functionality  . 22.01.2020 - 12:44.  . And, select instead having a default account used for Kaggle if you don't want one.  . Trouble is, it's too late, other than to tell you that your changes have been lost.  . Of course, there's nothing to stop you overriding or removing the question.  . After some testing, I found that a question setting the account used for kaggle had no effect, even though the account setting appeared as set in the settings.  . I also had to remove the submission-ids as the submissions did not appear in the dashboard.  . All in all, not a good experience.  . I don't want to start a new discussion as I believe my issue is fairly clear-cut, but I'll leave this here anyway.  . I've wasted a lot of time because of this.  :)  .   . The forum permissions are set to Private - FullAccess for Kaggle users.  . Your feedback is appreciated.   . If you want to add a sleep functionality, I suggest this.  . Add a function that sleeps for a second.  . Use this code:




Easytools Allwinner By Mrkindaijil

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