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Plagiarism-Free Content


In this digital era when the demand for content and blog writing services is high, plagiarism is one of the worst things that could happen to your website. While a vast array of modern search engines factor in a myriad of items such as traffic, responsiveness, and quality to rank websites, they also feature sophisticated algorithms which help detect any plagiarized or copied content. With a multitude of clients who source articles to help generate traffic, convert prospects into customers and rank higher on the search engines, Content Flip understands the real dangers of providing clients with copied content. Plagiarized articles and blog posts will not only affect the reputation of your company, but may also lead to your website being banned, downgraded in the SERPs or even being entangled in legal battles.

For these reasons, Content Flip goes above and beyond to ensure that any content we submit to our client is unique and original. This is achieved through our proprietary 3-step plagiarism checking process. We believe that when someone decides to source content for their website from us, they are looking for the highest quality articles, that are unique and plagiarism-free. After all, if they needed duplicated content, it would be easier for them to copy and paste it themselves. This piece provides a detailed brief of Content Flip’s plagiarism checking process.

What Happens When Authors Complete An Order?

Once one of our writers finishes writing an article, the content is run through a series of automated plagiarism checkers to flag any words, phrases or sentences that are similar to other write-ups or publications on the internet. These programs can compare an order against millions of web pages across the internet and highlight the sections of the content that are similar to those pages. If matching phrases are detected, the article is sent to our experienced staff to conduct a manual review and determine the next step.

How Manual Review Is Done

If the plagiarism checking tools detect noticeable similarities between a  blog post and another piece of writing on the internet; it is submitted to our team of trained editors to validate whether the content is copied or not. Here are a few things that our staff will be able to see to decide what next:

•    The exact article submitted by our writers

•    A link to similar pages on the internet

•    Previous orders submitted to Content Flip with content that matches the newly created piece

•    All words, phrases, and sentences that are flagged as “similar to” other pages and documents on the internet.

There are Three Areas That Our Staff Will Check To Determine If Content Is Plagiarized

Below is an example of a write-up that our editors will request authors to revise


A dental implant is a surgical operation where small metal posts made of titanium are inserted in the jawbone to hold into place an artificial replacement tooth or bridge. The metal posts resemble the tooth root and perform a similar function of holding the crown in position. The titanium bonds well with the jaw bone, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth through a process known as Osseointegration. Implants are strategically placed to permit implant crowns to connect to them


Although the first four words are highlighted, they might or not be copied, but since they are likely to occur together in millions of other pages around the internet, they don't need to be changed. However, the sentence starting with “The titanium bond….,” is not acceptable. The same case applies to the block of words highlighted in the last sentence. Typically, it is unlikely for two different writers to use the exact words to describe something.


Here is the second example showing a copied document:


As soon as the six-month period is over, and the implant is found to have healed and bonded well with the jawbone, the second phase begins. The doctor opens up the implant and attaches some small posts to it. The posts act as the anchors of the artificial teeth. The crown is then joined to the posts making them invisible. The procedure takes the course for some months, but dentists make sure they minimize disruptions of your normal daily life.


While this text doesn’t contain long phrases or full sentences which are flagged as duplicated content, the way the phrases are arranged indicates that they were extracted from somewhere else. In this case, instead of the writer crafting unique and high-quality content, they utilize various tools to spin or swap words in a given article. Since this process doesn’t add value or alter the structure of the write-up, it is easily detectable and can hurt your site's ranking. At Content Flip, we make sure that none of our content is spun or swapped. 

Finally, there are some instances when content can be flagged as plagiarized, but it really isn’t.

Endosteal implants: these are surgically installed into the jaw bone and once the tissues around it have healed, dentists conduct the next procedure that involves joining the posts to previously installed implant. The replacement tooth is finally joined with the post. These are the commonly used implants and are used as an alternative for individuals with removable


Despite the plagiarism checking tools indicating that some of the words and phrases in the content above are plagiarized, they are just common phrases that are typically used in various fields. Our skilled and trained editors will be able to detect commonly used words that can’t be rephrased and pass the content straight to our clients without asking the writers to revise them.

Here at Content Flip we like to prevent plagiarism before it happens. For this reason, we give our writers guidelines and tips of how they can avoid possible plagiarism while creating your content.  

These Include:

I. Changing their writing styles to improve uniqueness. This can be done by adding subtitles, bullets, and numbers. 

II.    Taking some short breaks when working on a batch of projects. This helps to refresh the mind and generate new ideas.

III.    Doing thorough research on the topic at hand.

IV.    Using multiple sources when doing research, instead of relying on one or two sources for all of their information.

V.    Keeping copies of their previous tasks saved on their computers so that they can review them and avoid writing similar content in the future.


Content uniqueness is something that sets Content Flip apart from other writing services. Our content writing agency boasts an automated system that features various plagiarism checking programs; a team of qualified and skilled staff that will conduct a human review to check the validity of the duplicate claims; and talented writers that boast intuitive hacks to writing plagiarism free content. Therefore, Content Flip can guarantee that any content provided by our writers is unique, manually crafted, and plagiarism-free. Content Flip’s experienced staff will detect any possible plagiarism beforehand and avoid ever delivering copied content to our clients.   

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