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12 Places You Should Be Posting Your Blog

Updated: Jun 28

Now that you have written and published your articles and blog posts on your website, what is the next step? Recline on your comfortable sofa and wait for people to start reading your posts or find new ways to invite traffic to your site? Affirmatively, the latter is the way to go, but where do you promote your content so that it attracts massive audiences? Whether it is a top-class blog or a budding site, people won’t know that it exists unless you conduct a rigorous promotion. The daunting task is to find the right platforms and channels that will make your site reach out to as many people as possible. Luckily enough, this is the era of content promotion, and new platforms are popping up every day making it easy for bloggers to gain traction and grow their websites. This article provides a detailed outline of 12 places you should be sharing your blog content.

1.Linkedln LinkedIn boasts to be a unique platform where thousands of professionals with a profound conviction of what they want to view and read converge. If you believe that your article has the juice to demand attention from experts, you can syndicate blog posts from your site on your LinkedIn profile.Readers who like your posts on this channel can also subscribe to get email notifications whenever you publish something new. For actively engaged users, you can share your content on target-centric groups, but make sure you check out sharing policies of individual groups and also be active in discussions not only in posting articles.

2.Reddit Reputedly one of the largest content marketing platforms with approximately 174 million visits monthly, Reddit is one place that can make or destroy your career in blogging. Here, readers are very conscious and will comb through everything on your site to find faults. Nevertheless, if your articles are exceptional and have valuable content, then you are good to go.

3.Medium Featuring a variety of useful tools, Medium permits users to publish their existing articles on this platform as long as they utilize the signature import feature to syndicate their posts. However, those who want to generate traffic can add snippets of their blog posts here and advise readers to get the full article on an embedded link.

4. Email Newsletter Reputedly the oldest but most effective content marketing tactics, an email newsletter is where the loyal supporters of your brand reside. Bloggers who want to leverage the usefulness of this platform need to keep their readers engaged with high-quality posts.

5.Twitter Twitter is one of the social platforms where anything exciting moves fast. Site owners can post an excellent quote accompanied by a link to their blog on their account. However, they need to spread the shares out a little bit to avoid overwhelming the audience. If you are pushing a brand, you can create a Twitter-branded account, and for those targeting a particular audience, you can share a comment with a link to your website on popular chats and hashtags that relate to your industry.

6.Facebook Although many people view Facebook as a typical place to start promoting their content, most of them seem to forget broad reach all around the globe. Bloggers can maximize the usefulness of this platform by posting their articles on their accounts, branded Facebook pages or Facebook groups.

7.Pinterest Pinterest is a visually-propelled link sharing platform where links to articles are embedded on crisp header images. Besides using your account, you can also create a shared board where other like-minded individuals can add their posts on the topic.

8.Quora This is a question and answer network where individuals can showcase their brand and authority by providing answers to questions about their niche.You can add links at the end of your responses to drive traffic to your blog or website.

9.Slideshare With traffic of up to 60 million visitors every month, Slideshare is a visual content marketing channel where site owners gain traction by posting their articles in the form of slides or PowerPoint presentations.

10.Instagram Bloggers can direct traffic from Instagram to their website by adding a section of their content in the caption area and a linking it to their bio. They can also share links to their blogs on the Instagram Stories although they disappear after 24 hours.

11.Outreach Outreach works by ego baiting influencers and bloggers. Once you publish new content, you inform them that you have mentioned them in your article and, in turn, they share your content or the link to your site.

12. YouTube Although this platform suits individuals with real video content, you can add a slide or record one of your team members discussing the critical items in your content. Remember to provide a link to your site in the description.

Final Verdict, Although you have a responsibility to push your site to greater heights, it is imperative that you don't put your needs above the interests of the readers. Another interesting option is to use a service like to find affiliate traffic that will promote your blog content. Before you request other people to share your content, make sure you have done the same without hesitation. Additionally, assert that the content you share is value driven.


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