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Should I Hire a Full-Time Writer or Use a Blog Writing Service?

You probably are acutely aware of the crucial role that content marketing plays in getting new business online. Fresh articles and videos that are worth sharing are fuel for online growth. The trouble is, how do you keep up with a writing schedule, especially with so many other duties to perform?

Writing, like any skill, takes practice and a lot of time to perfect. Most people, even if they're good writers, won't be able to create compelling content continuously. So, it pays to hire a writing service, but does it make sense to hire a full-time writer? Let's take a look at the issue in more detail.

You'll Have More Time to Focus on Business

There aren't enough hours in the day to run your business and still blog. That's the reason content specialists exist in the first place. They're here to offload work and pressure. Instead of coming up with all the ideas yourself, and writing every article, you leave the task to an experienced team of professionals. That way, you can focus on what matters most, and the writers will blog.

A simple division of labor is the best way for any company to get ahead. Any functions that your firm cannot handle in-house easily should go to a third-party. Not only does it help offload work, but the quality also tends to be much higher. Writers specialize in writing to offer the most excellent blog posts available.

You Won't Run out of Ideas to Blog About

Blogging requires coming up with a steady stream of ideas to write about daily. That may sound simple, but in reality, it can be challenging. A blogging service will use keyword research, and will also look for frequently asked questions to answer. They use the tactics and tools necessary to make coming up with topics straightforward.

Blogging is a continuous process, so topic creation looms large. If you want to succeed over the long-term, you'll want to hire a service that can create content marketing strategies and blog posts.

Blogging Services Know SEO

Blogging also requires a decent level of SEO. It's essential that your writers find the best phrases to work into the body of the content. This crucial step helps bring targeted visitors to your site. Not only do your posts have to appeal to search engines, but they also must be interesting enough to attract an audience. Skilled bloggers know to add a diverse range of phrases, including latent semantic indexing phrases for best results.

SEO can get complicated for people who don't work with it every day. Hiring a professional blogging service is an excellent idea. Unless you're ready to do a ton of research before crafting articles, leave it up to professionals.

Save Money over In-House Hiring

Hiring writers for full-time work becomes cost prohibitive. You will easily spend more than $1,000 week for a qualified individual. Unless your business earns a significant amount of revenue from writing, this is a luxury you can ill afford. Instead, pay only for the articles you publish. If you're looking to update a blog once weekly or more, you can pay flat rates instead to a company like ContentFlip.

Not only that, you will have to pay any extra fees for a full-time worker. When you hire third-parties, you're not responsible for worker's compensation or health insurance. Unless you need a near-endless supply of articles, hiring an in-house writer rarely makes sense. Unless you have the scale and turnover requirements to move lots of words, using a service wins out.

Not All Writers Are Experts

If you hire a writer, you'll need to deal with her expertise solely. That's fine if you only need articles on a few subjects. However, if you require an extensive range of content pieces, a service makes more sense because they have a stable of authors. That way, they can appoint the person that best fits the job requirements. Authoritatively writing takes experience and knowledge. That's what you get when you leverage a content company's staff.

Great blog posts require a significant effort to produce. Gone are the days when merely writing an article about keywords would drive traffic. Now, content pieces need research and have to be unique to attract any readers. The game is more robust, but the rewards remain the same. If you're able to supply a steady stream of on-topic, relevant content, you will get visitors.

There are no signs that blogging is going away. Well-run corporate blogs serve many purposes. Not only can they be used as lures to bring in traffic, but they can also help pre-sell to close more sales. With compelling calls-to-action and well-written and optimized content, your business will get the kinds of visitors that drive revenue.

Now you can see the advantages of using a writing service over hiring a full-time writer. You'll experience a cost reduction and the overall quantity and quality of blog posts skyrockets. Not only that, it's much simpler to manage your content campaign and editorial schedule. Put yourself in total control of your content marketing by securing a supply of polished posts. You can publish them at any rate you decide and use them for whatever purpose you deem necessary. You will own all copyrights and can share the pieces across social media, including boosting posts. Keep fueling your blog and amazing things happen.

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