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The Keys to Content Writing Success

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Although most online practitioners didn’t consider content writing to be a crucial part of their online campaign till a few years ago, today, blog writing has become a critical element that determines whether your blog or website is successful. Having a superior product or service doesn’t do the trick anymore; you need to embody it with high-quality content that entices your audience, charms Google and converts prospects into customers. This piece outlines the keys to content writing success.

1.Versatility and Dynamism

Since blog writing projects come in different styles, sizes

and shapes, successful content writers should be masters of all writing styles.

Whether it is blog posts, case studies, news, white papers, eBooks or ad posts,

a competent writer should have the ability and expertise to tackle any writing

gig from all these fields. The content should also stand the test of time and

not only suit a particular period.

2.Write for the audience, not for the search engines

Although most people focus their content writing on ranking

at the top of the search engines, it is disappointing to learn that they are

getting it all wrong. The sole purpose of Google is to keep the visitor

entertained and excited. So, if you prioritize your content on keeping your

audience happy, Google will eventually come along, and you will start making a

kill online.

3.Creativity is imperative

As a blog writer, being creative inspires visitors to keep

gulping down your content every single day, and it is also a great way to

create rapport. Your ability to come up with creative and relevant ideas,

either full stories or sections of a given topic is what will help you stand

out from the rest.

4.Showcase expertise and skill in every step

Once you get a topic, make sure you have everything you need at

your fingertips to craft a captivating and engaging article. This is achieved

by conducting in-depth research from reliable resources. When audiences see

that you can deliver factual information with clarity and without contradiction,

they will always be waiting to see whatever you post.

5.Consistency is key

Readers don’t like to be bombarded with unusual, bloated

content once you make them get used to a certain way of writing or given

topics. Make sure you stick to the voice that audiences know you for, provide

the number of posts people they expect, and avoid deviating from your area of


6.Your content should be readable

While readability boils down to some things such as sentence

structure and the flow among others, the trick is to catch the readers’

attention and keep them engaged until the end. Make sure you proofread your

work, use the active voice and utilize short sentences, bullet points, short

paragraphs, and multiple subtitles.

7.Make your content Social Media-Friendly

When audiences are not looking things up on Google, there is

a high probability that they are on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Blog

writing that captures the attention of social media can boost your website or

blog readership, thereby increasing the traffic and conversions.

Although there is no rigid formula for successful content

writing, at least we know it is not all about phrasing sentences. It involves

identifying what you are writing about and putting in the effort to craft

creative, unique, and readable content that will entice, engage and enrich your

audience. And since content writing is increasingly becoming a vital element in

online marketing, the demand for top-notch content is bound to keep soaring.

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